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Thirty is the New Sixty!

At every single one of our courses, we tell our students that our #1 GOAL is to empower therapists.

Not only are we therapists but all three of our kids are too. When we started doing massage we wanted to be therapists- therapists that truly helped people, therapists that were respected, therapists that made a huge a difference in our community.

Have you ever wondered how it is acceptable for chiropractors to offer 10 minute appointments? Have you ever wondered how chiropractors can attract clients by offering them super short appointments? And on the flip side, why are massage therapists stuck in a 60 minute treatment model, 30 minutes if your lucky. For the most part, it is likely because plain and simple many people come for a massage with the expectation that it is a long drawn out, relaxing, clothes-less, oiled up experience. Sure this is the case for some- but not all. Of course it can’t be because why would anyone ever go to a chiropractor for a 10 minute treatment(you know it’s true) when they can have an hour long treatment with a massage therapist for only a slightly higher expense? The answer is because for a huge portion of the population, A) -they don’t have time, B) -they feel they get just as much or more out of the 10 minute chiropractic treatment and C) -they have been conditioned that, that is all they need.

What if you as a massage therapist were as successful with your time, but you also allowed a bit more time to ensure that your patients knew you were listening to them and truly cared for their well being. What if you could massively change your client’s outcome and pain levels in an extremely shortened time- more effectively then ever before?

What if we changed the model? What if we said we don’t need an hour to treat back pain, frozen shoulder, or knee pain. What if we cut out all of the unnecessary fluff, and effleurage and only applied, successful but expedited treatments? What if it was cheaper for your clients because instead of a 60 minute charge all they needed to pay for was a 30 minute session? Would they be thrilled? What if they never had to wait on a waitlist? Let’s face it you only have so many hours in a day/ week/ month and year. Wouldn’t you both be happier if you never had to tell someone that they couldn’t get in when they needed to?

What if you could make an extra 25-50% more income, simply because you now only offer 30 minute treatments instead of 60. We can agree that we all offer 30 and 60 minute treatments BUT the 60 minutes is never double the price…in fact it’s discounted! Why? Why are we selling our expert time to patients and yet we discount it the longer they are on our table. Imagine working at McDonald’s, and they told you that for the first half an hour they would pay you $10 and the second only $5? You would quit on the spot! Yet we do this with our patients EVERY. SINGLE. DAY for most appointments.

It's time to change the model of massage and RAPID is it!

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