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Massage Therapists Vic Patterson and Greg Pritchard from the UK are killing it with RAPID! Imagine what  RAPID could do for your most challenging clients!



Rob and Sherry Routledge

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We are Canadian based and trained, registered massage therapists, with over 40 years combined experience. Over the past 20 years we have built a thriving clinic in our small town, where our patient list is bigger than the population, (and no I'm not kidding). We initially struggled, but over time we started to excel, over time our competitors started to send their difficult clients to us, and overtime they started to ask us to share what we were doing, so we did, and now we want to share it with you.

Our classes were created out of a strong passion, a shared vision and a ceaseless commitment to making learning easily accessible from anywhere in the world. Founded in 2016, our unique approach to teaching is designed to provide our students with the opportunity to get a hands on education or the ability to learn anywhere in the world on their own time.

At the heart of everything that we do is our commitment to accessible education and our students’ success. We invite you to explore our diverse offering designed for learners from all backgrounds and levels.


Therapist Success Stories


"After massaging for 11 years... Rapid is what finally gave me confidence in my work! Clients I couldn’t fix with massage before I can fix now! My hands hurt less! Rapid gave me passion back to fix people."

Christine Herlevsen RMT


I have been practicing RAPID NFR for just over a year. As a therapist it has changed everything. I can help treat and resolve complicated problems in just a few treatments. I am currently booking out 3 months in advance and constantly have at least a 10 person waiting list.

Michelle Ratz RMT


Switched over to full time rapid and have never been more fulfilled!! Working less hours and making more money. And best of all making more of an impact on my clients wellbeing!!

Drew Durston RMT


I am in love :),  no really . . . I have been first and foremost able to self treat and keep myself up and running, also I have been able to help my mom keep mobile and moving.  She loves RAPID, if all I did was treat her with it I would be happy, but I treat so many people with hard things to fix, easy peasy now the RAPID way!

Annis Downey RMT


“This is an amazing deal to any massage therapists, chiros, manual osteopaths or manual bodyworkers!
These courses are so underpriced for the amount of value and relief you can bring your client's.
Rob and Sherry are awesome, highly recommend.

Rebekah Tomasina-Bradley RMT


Rapid has made me a confident, quick, to the point therapist. I have so many testimonials. So many people have told me I am the only one who has ever helped/heard/ listened to them. Countless range of motion changes, pain disappeared not to return for weeks, months or years. I love RAPID. It is the only tool I want to use to help people. Thanks so much for blessing me with this modality. A thousand thank you's.

Norena Sabean RMT


Hey Rob and Sherry. I can’t thank you enough. Since taking RAPID I’ve had incredible results resolving things like frozen shoulder, chronic migraines, TMJ related issues and more. It has renewed my passion as an RMT.

Brad Surette RMT


I’d like to announce that thanks to NFR combined with acupuncture, I’ve been able to work smart and not hard !
It took me about 8 weeks or so from having 3 clients per day to now almost a month waiting list .
Thanks Sherry  and Rob Routledge

Mike Dinh RMT


"RAPID gave me the confidence to start my career as an RMT. I felt in my heart while studying massage therapy in school, it wasn't enough to help and that there had to be something more out there. And I found exactly what I was looking for through the Rapid Courses. Forever grateful."

Karen Lebreton RMT


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  • We don’t believe we are mechanically separating scars and adhesions.

  • We do not physically release muscles or tissues- we stimulate the nervous system to incorporate change in the body.

  • Our specific protocols stimulate the hypothalamus, reducing overall tone of the musculature.

  • Our protocols incorporate stretch, and very specific pressures that stimulate the autonomic nervous system to increase blood flow to the affected tissues.

  • Our protocols affect the sensory feedback to the brain which is THREE times more abundant than the motor output. (This is the missing piece to many therapies)

  • The RAPID method allows the body to let go of  neurological holding patterns thus treating the body as a whole rather than parts.

  • RAPID is empirically based and backed by neuroscience.

  • RAPID is far less expensive and easier to learn.

  • Our education style teaches you a methodology rather than specifics. We want you to be able to apply this to all the structures of the body not just what we have taught you.


Who Can Take RAPID NeuroFascial Reset?

RAPID is open to all licenced health practitioners. It has been our experience that the hands on portion of our system is best suited to those individuals who have hands on palpation and bodywork experience.