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RAPID Trauma, ANS and Concussion(TAC)

April 15th at midnight!

The Vital Key to Tapping into the Psychology of Touch

What do Trauma, the ANS and Concussion have to do with one another? Everything!
Watch this video to see how incredibly intertwined they are! 

Looking to learn more about the dura, dural testing and Brudzinski's sign? Here it is!

Curious about  our Advanced RAPID Knee Class? Check out this video.
Not only is it super cool, it will forever change how you look at your RAPID work!

Why we made this class...

Course Delivery

Course Delivery

15 Hours of Online Videos & 4 Live Monthly Zoom Q&A sessions with us!


Live Q&A dates: May 15th,  June 12th,  July 10th, August 14th. 
Time: 6:30pm MTN


You will be encouraged to complete certain segments of the class, prior to the live zoom meet ups. This will ensure your progress -because we know that sometimes online material is hard to get through, and we seriously want you to excel with this material.


It will also give you the ability to ask and have answered ANY questions about the  material that is covered. 


The meet up sessions are not mandatory and will be recorded for you to watch at anytime. But it will probably be fun, so you should just come! 

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