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Welcome to the 30 Minute Model

Let's face it, your time is limited simply because your human.

But what if we could offer you more of it? What if you could work less but earn the same amount of money? What if we could increase your client's satisfaction because they aren't wasting their time at unnecessarily long appointments, or frustrated to be on yet another one of your wait lists? What if they could get in when they need to and have the confidence in your knowing you'll be able to see them when they need it.  

What if this equated to more money in your pocket? What if you could gain a greater level of financial security while having better patient success and satisfaction?

Well I'm here to tell you that it is possible and RAPID Therapists are proving it all over the world, simply by moving toward a 30 minute model.

At every single one of our classes we share that our #1 GOAL of RAPID is to empower them financial freedom and better job and patient satisfaction is indeed how we are focusing on doing that! 

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