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Clinic Owners-Welcome to the RAPID 30 Minute Clinic Model

It's time to make the most out of your clinic!

At RAPID one of our core values is to change the face of massage therapy for the better as an industry whole- improving the job satisfaction and bottom lines of therapists and clinic owners is a huge part of our effort  toward this.

As clinic owners ourselves we know the challenges of daily operations. Bottom line we are nothing without our amazing therapists who work with us. So what can we do to improve the work life of our therapists?

We believe the way to do this is to transition to a RAPID-30 minute model.  When therapists are more efficient and have greater success, they report more job satisfaction as their work is more clinical, they can apply more critical thinking to their appointments, and their days are far more interesting than the monotony of oil massaging. 

Bottom line...

Your therapists will be happier because they make more money and are truly excited to go to work!

And you will be happier because your clinic will truly reach its full potential!

It's a win-win!

As a bonus, patients are happier too-gone are the wait lists, unnecessarily long and all too frequent appointments for the same conditions, patients are able to stay clothed, so there is no need for laundry, and  helping give your patients back their lives quicker is the BEST free advertising strategy you will ever come across. 

Please Contact To Find Out More About Transitioning Your Clinic To A RAPID CLINIC. 

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