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Have questions before you register? Feel free to reach out  to us via the chat below!                     -Rob & Sherry
RAPID Advanced Knee Online



RAPID Advanced Knee is for our students who have completed the  Lower Body class and just want more!


Techniques and Protocols you will learn in this class...


- Addressing Hoffa's Fat Pad Impingiment. 
- The newest research in osteoarthritis.

- New stem cell considerations with RAPID.

- Advanced knee anatomy. 

- Femoral and Obturator nerve considerations. 

- New knee assessments.

- Alternatives and new considerations  of our original Lower Body RAPID knee treatments .

- Considerations for terminal knee extension. 

- Considerations of the screw-home mechanism of the knee. 

- Conventional treatments and surgery statistics

-How to assess for red flags when treating knees


"Purchased the advanced knee work first to satiate my RAPID appetite. Phenomenal applications and tell Sherry bravo on the lecture portion."
-Chuck Lubeck LMT

"Had our trusty handyman over today coincidentally with an awful left knee.  He let me take a look at it and that terminal knee extension test ( a new one for me) was very painful to the posterior knee.  15 mins of Rapid and he is already 100% better!"
-Jim Neilson DC

RAPID Advanced Knee Online


    "...after the first session my pain was completely gone and it has never gone back to where it was..."

    "24 years ago I had knee 1 single treatment I had so much more relief and way more mobility and stability..."

    This is us! A quick tx for a cranky covid hip pain.

    When you're 8 and have ankle pain, yes ankle pain, but your Mom is a RAPID Therapist...

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