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Advanced Knee

Trust kneed(haha) this class!

Terminal Knee Extension? What?? Learn about it  here AND get one of the simple techniques from this class to gain more of it for your patient! 

Course Delivery


5 Hours of Online Videos with a PDF manual.

Topics covered? 

- Addressing Hoffa's Fat Pad Impingement. 
- The newest research in osteoarthritis.

- New stem cell considerations with RAPID.

- Advanced knee anatomy. 

- Femoral and Obturator nerve considerations. 

- New knee assessments.

- Alternatives and new considerations of our original Lower Body RAPID knee treatments .

- Considerations for terminal knee extension. 

- Considerations of the screw-home mechanism of the knee. 

- Conventional treatments and surgery statistics.

-How to assess for red flags when treating knees.

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