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Burning questions you may have...


1. What exactly does a RAPID class include?

*Over 15 hours of video content and 115 technique videos to cover the treatment of many common pain conditions from back pain and sciatica to migraine headaches.*

*Lifetime online access to our private facebook group of over 1800 health care practitioners or every designation-for support, questions, trouble shooting and to share your successes.

*Forever access to us- yes us, for questions, so you never feel alone in your education. We are here every step of the way for our students.

* A Free listing in our worldwide directory, to get you noticed and found by people looking specifically for RAPID Therapists.

*Lifetime access to our technique videos- to refer to and resource as often as you like.

*Half price course recertifications, because if you want to be the best at RAPID we want to make it easier for you to do that! And no-recertification's are not necessary nor mandatory.

*A framable, mailed to your door certificate.

*Approved CE Credits.

*Use of our logo, for your website and advertising to really set you apart from your competition.


2. I'm a chiropractor. Will this work for me?

It sure will, we have many RAPID certified chiropractors and physiotherapists.


3.​ I’m not a therapist, will I still be able to do this?

No, we’re afraid RAPID is strictly to be used by trained health care providers.


4.​ How do I access the online course?

Just go to our course page to purchase your course and you will immediately be sent a link to our online platform on teachable.


5..How much time will it take?

It takes approximately 15 hours to complete each class.             


6. I am in school can I still take the class?

Yes, we do accept massage therapy students after they have completed their first year.


7. Will I be able to add this to my work?

From the first day after you finish and often even while you are taking the training you will find application and success with RAPID.


8.When does the online course start?

The course is online, and on demand, so you can start any time and work at your own pace to finish.


9. What if I can’t seem to grasp the concepts online? Can I take the live class?

You sure can, just simply send us a message and we will register you. All you have to do is pay the difference between the live and online classes. Yes, you read that right...100% of your online payment can be applied to your live class cost. 


10. How many years to I have to complete the class?

You have 2 years to complete and have full access to the online classes. After that time you will be given lifetime access to our technique videos.


11. Where can I get a treatment before I sign up?

On our website you can find our “Find a Therapist” page where you can find RAPID therapists all over the world.


12. Can I make payments?

You sure can, just send us a message.


13. Will I be certified?

Yes, after each course you become fully certified in that class.


14. What is a RAPID Specialist?

A RAPID Specialist is someone who has completed all 4 RAPID classes with us.


15. Where can I find out more information?

Right here, have a look around!

16. Can I ask a few questions?

Absolutely, just send us an email to or use the chat to the right. Who will answer you?'s always us. 

17. Which course should I take first?

Either the Upper Body or Lower Body class can be taken first. We always tell people to take the class that they are see the most conditions in at their clinic. When in doubt, take the lower body as that is where we teach resolution of low back pain, which is the #1 patient complaint.

18. Why can’t I take the classes in any order?

RAPID Upper and Lower are our foundational classes to which you will see the most conditions for, basically the gold is in these two levels!

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