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RAPID ONLINE MASTERCLASS and Bonus-Introduction to Business Mastery.

See you November 1st!!


Cost $749, or 2 monthly payments of $397.

Class structure:

20 Spaces Available.

8 Weeks November 1, 8, 15, 22. December 6, 13, 20 and January 3rd.

60 minutes RAPID Master

30 Minutes Business Mastery

With time allotted for questions.

All sessions will be recorded for anyone who cannot make a session.

We will also open up a new facebook group where we can post the recorded sessions and further discuss the weekly sessions.

Master Level RAPID Sessions Topics

1. "Refinement of your RAPID Techniques-Make your Work Count!"

-Tips and Tricks.

-Core Considerations.

-A dive into real life difficult cases.

2. "Psychological Considerations and Trauma."

-Techniques for your treatment room to help with dissociation.

-Helping clients through hypersensitivity.

-Chats to have with clients- all clients, to increase their overall wellness and chances of success on your table.

-Additional questions to ask if you suspect that your client’s trauma is holding back their progress.

-Coaching tough clients.

-Understanding the brain on trauma.

-Neuroplasticity and RAPID.

-Considering the polyvagal theory in your treatment room, and tips to further bring your client’s to safety.

-Measuring the health of your client’s ANS, and tricks to improve it.

3. "Trauma and the Eyes."

4. "Concussion and It’s Relationship with trauma."

-Nerve connections to Concussion and Trauma.

-Treatments for both the acute and historical concussion.

-A New look at Arthritis.

5. "A New Look at Pain a New Look at Knees!!"

Introduction to Business Mastery Topics

  1. “Your ideal client - who’s your client, and what do they do?”

  2. "Marketing 101".

  3. “Using Facebook effectively as a RAPID therapist”

  4. Business cards: the secret weapon in your wallet!

  5. Websites 1: Having a powerful online presence without needing a website.

  6. Websites 2: Rolling your own website.

  7. Dealing with money hang-ups.

  8. Integrating RAPID into your business.

  9. “The £85,000 Appointment model”.

Who can attend?

This class is for RAPID-Centric Therapists who have completed Upper, Lower and Core.

Some Feedback from previous MASTER Classes participants...


"This was an amazing review and helped me to be more confident with my treatments. It was an amazing group to participate with. Plus, it helped me tremendously with the pain I’ve endured this whole summer. Extremely painful but definitely worth the result. Sorry for the tears, I’m allergic to pain!! LOL I can’t thank you enough for all the knowledge and corrections and positioning and body mechanics. Thanks to Justin and Keiko as well. Love my RAPID family!! ❤" -Tammy P.

"This masterclass was incredibly valuable in refining my knowledge and skills. The student-led approach was an effective and satisfying experience! I feel so much more proficient having taken this class. Thank you!" Danielle M.

"LOVED this course!! The relaxed atmosphere and looser agenda was so helpful. Being able to really take my time and refine my skills will up my game tremendously with my clients. Thanks again Rob and Sherry for such a valuable experience."  -Kelly K.

"It was excellent to get feedback from the instructors after we had opportunity to work on them. I would love to take the Masterclass again! Thank you!" Katya W. 

"Having the time to focus on refining palpation and protocols was super valuable to me as I was able to learn to do everything with more ease and effectiveness! I also really enjoyed being in a class with other specialist who could also provide excellent feedback on what was being done! I would definitely retake another masterclass to continue to get extra tips on getting better." -Keiko M.

"Learning how to refine my touch was my biggest take away. Thank you." -Suzanne S.

"Great experience-refined my skills." -Cherie D.

"This class was so valuable and I wish I could attend one every year!  Thanks guys!" -Vicki C.

"Best course ever! Really enabled me to feel more confident, and especially with core. Thank you so much!" -Trish T.

"Exactly what I was looking for at this point in my RAPID education. So excited to take this home to my clients." -Alaine S. 


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