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Everything you never knew about knees-delivered RAPID style.

Not sure why you would need to up your RAPID knee game...


Curious about  Terminal Knee Extension- here is a protocol you can do right now!

Our most comprehensive lecture EVER on all things osteoarthrits and stem cells.


"Such a valuable course as always! Improved already stellar knee protocols previously taken in the lower body course.

Love how real you guys are in the videos, brings much light and humor to these courses, never change Rob and Sherry!"

Drew Durston RMT Manitoba

“Just got through most of the new knee course earlier this week and of course had a client the next day come in with issues. She was diagnosed with suora patella bursitis, tons of inflammation, zero terminal knee extension and could barely flex without pain. Told to rest, ice, and take NSAIDS.

Used all of teh new protocols on her and by the end of the session the inflammation totally disappeared anteriorly, a small pocket left in the popliteal fossa, got terminal knee extension back and could flex to almost 120 without pain! She also walked down our stairs! She'd been taking stairs sideways for weeks! Huge win and she was so stoked!" 

Cherie Devlin RMT British Columbia

"Patient: "Whatever you did last time worked. My knee didn't hurt until after I went in for the hylauronic acid injection." 

Me: Face Palm. Treated again. Thank you Advanced Knee Course!"

Amanda Kahara LMT Colorado

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